“Pieneņu Vīns” is a Latvian band, born in 2005, playing original compositions in funk / fusion. The band has participated in numerous local and international contests and festivals and is recognised for its friendly concert atmosphere and creative digital projects.

In April of 2016 "Pieneņu Vīns" has launched its debut album called ROADS TAKEN, featuring the best and most loved by the audience compositions from all 11 years of the band's experience on the stages of Baltic countries and abroad.



ROADS TAKEN is the band's debut album, which became a result of 11 years of its concert activity on the Baltic musical scene.

ROADS TAKEN are all the roads, which the band has passed through during its musical life: all musicians met, all stories survived, all genres experimented with. This album is the completion of the old roads and labyrinths, and ahead lie new paths to creation, freedom and funk.

In 2017 the album was nominated for the "Best jazz album" in the Latvian annual music award "Golden Microphone".

Thanks everyone, who wanted us to launch the album sooner.

Sanita, Dmitrijs Minajevs, v2kster, Marta, Aldis Hofmanis, Pavel Berezovskiy, Kristina Krupenkina, Sergejs Filatovs, Angela Berke, Aalez Bregovic, Lev Lapkis, Juliana Sibalo, Milena Mamedova, Artūrs Jēkabsons, Sabina Mamedova, Vikentijs Kuznecovs, Olga Pedo, Sigits Duduris, Olga Germanovica, Aleksey Blinov, Eugene Dugaev.


We were the first to do a 360-degree immersive music video in Latvia, filmed for our song STOP in Riga Circus arena.

It took us around 100 actors and friends, a new handmade technology, 5 months of hard work and a wish to create a VR video experience which had no analogues in the Baltic states.


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